Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Are You Ready for Holiday Shoppers?

I'm Getting Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season in my Etsy Shop. It’s Time! Here are some tips I used, I hope they will help you get going too…

1. First Take Inventory: of your stock, supplies, & time. Make lists of what you've got & what you need.

2. Stock-up:  head to your suppliers shops, websites, or markets; buy in bulk.  You don’t want to run out, suppliers get busy too during the holidays and some elements of your work may not be available later.

3. Look Back: did you have any top sellers last holiday season or something new that is selling now? Start planning ahead to make/create/prepare these items in particular.

4. Fill Your Shop Up:  Begin increasing your actual inventory now. You’ll have more to sell in the coming months. 

5. Clean Sweep:  Whilst taking your inventory & planning which supplies need to be purchased...clean out your work bench and photo area for better efficiency. Sell or store extra supplies, create a more streamlined "production line"...get inspired!

6. Save the Date: Consider having an open house to show off (and sell!) your designs to friends, family, neighbors, and whomever else shows up!

7. Bust Out the Red and Green: Plan on making specifically seasonal items. Get started now-experiment, revise, sell, & get noticed.

8. Wrap, Tie, Send:  Think now about adding wrapping or different packaging options for the holidays- in addition to your normal mailers, boxes, ribbon, etc.

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