Thursday, July 22, 2010

Logging my favorites...

This is the second installment of a ongoing log of my favorite things. Once a month I will post a favorite. It might be a person, or a place, or even a event. Hopefully it will help you get to know me a little better. I'd love your comments and I hope to make some connections through our mutual enjoyment of these treasures.

Cumberland Island, GA

My greatest and most lasting memory of the Island is its ability to change me in just a few hours. It is my place of transformation. Whether sitting on the beach gazing out to sea, probing around the edges of the marsh as fiddler crabs scurry for cover, or simply walking down one of the many tree lined roads of the Island, I am changed. It is this intangible quality that seems to be the most important benefit which Cumberland Island holds for me. This spiritual quality is what, year after year, I seek and find comfort in. The most consistent message delivered by those who know Cumberland best is one of being "touched" by the Island and being somehow affected by all the natural, cultural, and historical values of this extraordinary place. It is my safe haven, my place of rest, and my favorite camping destination.

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