Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Blue Romance...by whimsydaisydesigns

I just wanted to show you a beautiful treasury curated by whimsydaisydesigns. I was so taken by this stunning treasury that I decided to share it with you for your viewing pleasure. I know many of you have Etsy shops like I do and many of you have been featured in some gorgeous treasuries (a collection curated by Etsy members). You can click on any photo in the treasury and be taken to that Etsy listing. It’s another cool widget for Etsy users; you can find it here. I'm starting to think I'm becoming a techno-geek. My techno-geek sweetie will be so proud of me!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

New Bookmarks in my Shop....

I enjoy reading. Nothing can replace the smell of new books or the magic and wonder of a trip to the public library. I like the physical weight of a hardback book and the quick visual indication of how far through the book I am by looking at the bookmark. The feeling of flipping pages, makes me feel like I've accomplished something. The physical book has long stood for the hunger for knowledge; the gathering of knowledge is somehow suggested by the rows of vertical spines, each varying in height, width and color, lined up on a bookshelf.

So, I scoff at the idea of a Kindle or similar ebook reader, and based on the number of bookmarks I’ve sold in my Etsy shop, I know there are other folks who feel the same way.

QUESTION: Do you use an ebook? What makes it better for you than a physical book? I want to understand the positive traits of the ebook. Send me your comments. Thanks!

Checkout my latest bookmark designs in my Etsy Shop:

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Things that make you go awww....

I just couldn’t resist sharing these photos.  This little brown bear became separated from his mum in Slovenia.   He wandered out of the forest and into the yard of a kind family. “Medo” (the Slovenian word for bear) made friends with the family dog and decided to stay; he has been with the family for 4 weeks. Slovenia's national newspaper said that Medo has "stolen the nation's heart"; he now has more than 550 fans on Facebook. Looking at these extraordinary photographs, it is easy to see why!
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The “Top Four”

Today's "Top Four" in my Etsy Shop

Did you know that the first four photos in your Etsy shop carry a lot of weight in the linked world of Etsy? Like many other Etsians, I love to shop by searching through other members' list of Favorite Sellers. Have you noticed the four photos that show up next to the avatar on these Favorites lists? They are the first four items (the last four you listed) in your shop — NOT necessarily your "Featured Listings."

Make sure these four most recently listed items are representative of the variety of items available in your shop, or you may be missing out on your target audience...if you sell necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, don’t let four earrings sit in the “top four.” Mix it up, so it is clear you offer more than one style of items. Take care to notice this each and every time you renew or add a new item listing. The "top four" serve as a mini snapshot of your shop.
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