Thursday, March 24, 2016

10 Ways to Welcome Spring Early…

I’m ready for spring!

This year the winter here in the Deep South has been daunting, bitterly cold lows and record breaking highs. In just one week we had temperatures below 10 degrees, snow, an ice storm, and a balmy 69 degree day. I keep thinking spring is on the way, but as soon as it starts warming up, another cold front passes through. The weather has been teasing me.

I have spring and all the things that it brings on my mind today. So, this weekend I am going to push spring’s arrival in my neck of the woods. 

Here are 10 ways to welcome spring early:

10 ways to welcome spring early

1.) Visit the Farmers Market for fresh strawberries – Do you have any smell memories? One of my strongest spring smell memory is fresh strawberries. Florida is at the peak of their season right now. Yummy! 

Birkenstocks with socks

2.) Wear Birkenstocks without socks – Since there is no better shoe for shopping, visiting an outdoor festival, or trekking down to the campsite; I wear my Birks all year. It’s time to take the socks off and let my toes breath.

10 ways to welcome spring early

3.) Plan a “Spring Break” vacation – It’s been a long time since I piled into a car filled with friends and headed to the beach for a week. I’m going to do some research and plan a Florida road trip. Florida was my home for many years; it’s time to share that chapter of my life with my husband. There are so many memories and sites to see!

SUV Packed for Glamping or Camping

4.) Organize the camping gear – We love camping in the spring when nature is waking up from its cold winter sleep. The landscape is new and bright, the air is clean and crisp and new life is emerging. By sorting, cleaning, and organizing the camping gear now, we’ll be ready to hop in the car and head for the mountains on the first nice weekend.

10 ways to welcome spring early

5.) Put up a hammock in the back yard – Have you ever spent an afternoon with a good book relaxing in a hammock? It’s a wonderful way to relax and escape for a few hours in spring. Naps are optional, but highly recommended.

10 ways to welcome spring early

6.) Sit outside at a café – I love the atmosphere of a sidewalk café, a relaxed casual approach to dining. We seem to linger longer over the meal and people watch as the surrounding tables fill with interesting people. And why does a burger taste so much better when served at an outside café? It’s a mystery…..

10 ways to welcome spring early

7.) Visit the Flower Market for tulips and daffodils – The bulb flowers are just beginning to pop out of the ground. I think tulips and daffodils will brighten the house with the colors of spring.

10 ways to welcome spring early

8.) Take a hike and notice the trees budding – New life is emerging all around; a hike in the woods will bring me a little closer to the birth of spring.

10 ways to welcome spring early

9.) Plant Something Green – Last but not least, my favorite way to quicken spring’s arrival…dig in the dirt! It’s one of my favorite ways to relax and the results make me smile for many months and sometimes years if they are perennials.

Linen Closet

10.) Store the winter bed linens - Remove the down comforter and flannel sheets. They may have been perfect for the winter season, but during spring it's more comfortable to opt for lightweight covering, such as a duvet or a quilt.

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