Thursday, March 3, 2011 the bathroom?!?

My loose beads find their way everywhere; they end up in rooms I never took beads into, like the bathroom!?! They get into my shoes; they hide under the fridge, and get into the hardwood floor cracks. Once I have them safely contained in their storage location, they seem to breed. If just one bead escapes, it splits into two beads and those two breed. Eventually, there are lots of little beads rolling and rattling everywhere. Our vacuum cleaner consistently sounds like I’ve been vacuuming a gravel road.

But the most frustrating thing is that none of these randomly reproducing beads match. Their little beady offspring don't resemble either parent. Oh, no. These beads will be random colors, shapes, and sizes, and none of them will go together. There will be beads that I swear I never bought, and yet, there they are, lurking under the entertainment center or on the stairs leading to the basement.

Beads; they’re taking over!  I’ll show them, I’ll turn them into bracelets if they’re not careful!
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  1. Ha! I found a cab in my bathroom the other day!

  2. lol. I can identify with beads ending up in weird places ;)

  3. lol - I have only been beading for a week, so I don't have this problem . . . yet :)

    Chriz’Creative Spot

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