Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Tip: Linking to Your Etsy Shop
This is most likely how you’ve been typing your etsy shop address. Simple to remember, easy to tell someone, uncomplicated to put on your business card… It looks great without the “http://” and gives your brand uniqueness. But: it’s not giving you everything it could be!

That etsy address has always been handy but it’s always resolved to another URL, the URL your shop is actually located at. Up until a few months ago, your actual URL involved a random user id number. Well, that has changed!
Now your etsy URL looks like this (above). That’s the URL your shop actually resides at, no resolving or redirecting. Whenever you’re linking to your shop on your blog, twitter, facebook, or anywhere that search engines may scan, use this URL.

If you’re telling people your shop URL in “real life” or using it in printed marketing materials – even in email marketing! – feel free to use the easier to remember URL (top).

Typing in and linking to your correct shop URL is a quick & easy way to improve your shop’s SEO and page rank. Hope this helps!

Author Credit: Tara Gentile -
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