Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Use a Coaster Dude!

Felt Coasters
We entertain a good bit and always start with drinks and appetizers in the living room. Our friends and family are generally well mannered and always respectfully of our home with one exception, the use of drink coasters. When guests dress up for an evening at our house, they’re expecting a sophisticated event: superb food, a relaxing atmosphere, great conversation, fine china... the works.

Red Elm Coasters
Our home is not a lofty castle, but it is our little castle. I’ve read that lack of respect for belongings is similar to dragging one's cashmere coat through the mud--the idea that if you can afford it, you can afford to have it maintained, abused, neglected, or replaced. Honestly, I can't afford to be cavalier about ruining the furniture. I love entertaining and enjoy our guests, I just wish they would be more mindful of where they leave their cocktail glasses and always use a coaster.

Fused Glass Coasters

Etsy has hundreds of fun, funky, and traditional coasters; I think I’ll purchase some before the holidays. All coasters pictured in this blog are available for sale. Just click on each picture to see the Etsy listing. Thanks for stopping by…cheers!

Very Cute Bear Rug Coasters

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