Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trim the Tree...

It’s time to trim the tree and put up decorations! I love doing this, but for some members of my family, it sounds like an unpleasant task. So, here are some ways that make our Christmas decorating less complicated. Maybe they will help you too.

Rule #1: we don’t go overboard. Sure, seeing our neighbors home turned into a winter wonderland is enjoyable, but doing it ourselves is a lot of work! You don’t have to make huge displays to enjoy the holidays. In fact, sometimes the simple Christmas tree and a wreath look better. We go for simple and elegant, not over-the-top and gaudy. Don’t get mired down in a battle with your neighbor over who has the biggest holiday display.

Rule #2: we make it fun. Get the entire family involved. Kids love hanging ornaments and helping decorate. It can bring the family closer together and create wonderful memories.

Rule #3: we make it special. Get special, individual ornaments for each family member to hang, and use heirloom ornaments if you have any. Using decorations handed down through family is a great way of honoring the memories of those who aren’t here to enjoy the holidays.

Rule #4: we try to keep it all organized. This rule mainly applies when we’re taking down the decorations. Don’t just throw it all in a box and put it in the attic for another year. Get a divided box for ornaments and try to bundle your lights. You’ll be thankful next year when it’s less of a chore to sort it all out.

Rule #5: we try to be creative! You don’t have to do things the same way every holiday season. Try having a theme this year if you haven’t done that. Make your own ornaments with your kids (popcorn chains and edible ornaments). Put your Christmas tree in a different place and move the furniture. Use some of your ornaments to decorate the dinner table. The possibilities are endless!

Christine Heidema of Christmas Creation has lovely hand beaded ornaments in her Etsy shop. I just love the intricate detail and the beads selected for each design. They are very beautiful and sure to become family heirlooms passed down over time. Check out her work, it's wonderful. Happy Trimming!

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  1. Great tips and ideas for making holiday decorating more fun. My daughter and I like to make new ornaments every year, so the tree always looks fun. I agree, simple is always best!
    Everyday Inspired

  2. Good advice and great tips. Sometimes people do get into competitions trying to out-shine their friends and neighbors. That sort of defeats the whole idea of Christmas doesn't it?
    Wishing you a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.