Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt...

This Photo Scavenger Hunt sounds like so much fun! I've just moved to a new town so this will help me get out and about, exploring the sites of Blue Ridge, GA and the surrounding area.  Here are the details if you'd like to join too...

2016 Photography Scavenger Hunt

In the northern hemisphere, summer officially began on June 21st. And, with summer arrives the annual Photography Scavenger Hunt. The idea is simple. Maria "Rinda" Ontiveros of posts a list of 21 items for you to find and photograph before the autumn equinox on Thursday, September 22, 2016. The list is intended to be challenging, but not impossible. Hopefully it encourages you to go on a few outings; always it requires you to be observant. You can read more about how items make the list by clicking on this link

For those of you who have blogs, post your photographs and share your adventures in finding the items. For those without blogs, keep track of your finds in some other way (a flicker account, a shutter fly album, etc.) if you want to be able to share them with the group. (It makes it easier to share if you "label" or "tag" your scavenger hunt posts, as you do them). Once a month, Maria will host a link-up so people can visit your finds, but feel free to post about the Hunt whenever you like. 

There's only two rules: no fair submitting photographs taken before the start of the Hunt and have fun. 

Note from Maria: "Newcomers welcome - the more, the merrier! No special photography skills are required - I love seeing everything from snapshots to fine art photography in response to the list. For pictures I take on my iphone, I'll be posting to instagram using #rindas2016photohunt." There's also a facebook page  (with big thanks to Kathryn Trotter). Ask to join, and she or I will let you in.

So, without any further ado, here's this year's list:
1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart (like the rock above, but it doesn't have to be a rock)
2. A footprint or pawprint
3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray
4. A book or magazine read during 2016
5. A porch or deck
6. A camper (caravan)
7. A family gathering
8. A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card, or art journal page created by you.
9. Someone playing with, in, or around water.
10. A bicycle
11. Fresh produce
12. A window
13. The moon
14. A buffet of food
15. A team logo
16. A map showing a trip taken during the time period
17. Twins
18. A supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries 
19. A seasonal cocktail or beverage
20. Someone laughing
21. A photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the Hunt. Note: you may not use a substitute for this item.
Alternatives - if you're having trouble finding any of the above, you may substitute from this list (but you may not substitute for item #21):
alternative 1: a lighthouse
alternative 2: a baby (human or animal)
Maria Said "Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you're new to my blog or the hunt, let me know. And if you're a blogger, leave a link to your blog so I can add you to my feedly reader".

Have Fun...

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