Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 01/31/2018

Sitting by the fireplace and answering random questions about everything under the sun….

Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

From this Side of the Pond
1. Speaking of your wit's end, at loose ends, a dead end, burn the candle at both ends, all's well that ends well, or no end in sight...which 'end' phrase might best be applied to your life lately? Explain.  

  Right now I would say I'm at loose ends...I feel very unorganized (not typically my situation).  My sweetie and I were both suffering the Flu for 3 weeks. The Christmas Decorations are still up, the house is less than sparkling, and my creative projects are spread across every flat surface. The situation has gone way past my tolerance for clutter.

2. What was a must have accessory when you were growing up? Did you own one? If so tell us what you remember about it.

  At the risk of revealing my true vintage, I must say my most cherished accessory was my leather fringe jacket.  I wore it so much that most photos of me from that era feature my jacket and Chukka boots...guess when!?!

3. Something that made you smile yesterday?

  I spent the day making handmade Valentine's Day cards and envelopes. I love a good craft project and it made me smile when my little cat Ghost got up in my lap to help.  He loves a good paper project too....

4. January 30th is National Croissant Day. Do you like croissants? Sweet or savory? We're having chicken salad for lunch...would you rather have yours served on a croissant, a wrap, a bagel, bread, or a roll of some sort?

  I love Croissants! My favorite lunch is a steaming cup of soup and a Chicken salad sandwich on a croissant from my favorite lunch spot - Cantaberry in downtown Blue Ridge, GA.

5. Sum up your January in fifteen words or less.

  Friends, champagne and a kiss; arctic blast with heavy mist;  falling hard into flu's abyss....    

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

  Hoping February is a better month...we have a road trip planned and a lot of adventures scheduled with good friends and family in Florida. So looking forward to the trip!

Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

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  1. Sorry you've been unwell. There seems to be a lot of nasty bugs doing the rounds. Hope you feel better and get on top of things soon. By the way your link on the Joyce's Hodgepost post is not the right one but I'm good at navigating ;)

  2. I know it's probably driving you crazy, but I love that you still have your Christmas decorations up. I hope that you're both feeling better from your bout of flu, and that all the crafty projects get your attention soon.
    I love your 15 words for January, very poetic.

  3. The flu is sure hitting some people hard! Glad you are better. Thanks for visiting my HP!! I enjoyed reading yours!

  4. I still have my Christmas tree up; I need and crave the light and sparkle! However, I did take off the extremely Christmasy ornaments and have left things like snowflakes, icicles, sleds, etc. in addition to white lights, so it's now a winter tree.

    Loved your rhyming summary of January! That was clever!

    And thanks for your visit to my blog and your encouragement regarding an Etsy shop. I believe you have inspired me to just jump in and do it.

  5. Your January summary was excellent! Except for the flu of course, but the rhyming was on point : ) Hope you're feeling better and enjoy your warm and sunny Florida travels.

  6. I'm so sorry Y'all had the flu but I loved your January summary! Hope your February plans are big fun! My sweet pup loves to be in the middle of my craft projects. He's not very helpful but he sure is cute. :)