Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspiration from favorite Blogger

It's been quite awhile since I blogged; I was on bed rest due to my bad back. Typing in bed is very awkward and unnatural. I'm much better now so I'll pick up where I left off...

Here is a bit of inspiration form one of my favorite blogs... http://hilaryharwell.blogspot.com

"Are you living out loud? Are you taking decisive action to make your vision become your reality? Do you let fear control your decisions? If you find yourself making excuses like I can't afford it or I just don't have the _______ to do it yet, these are all preventing you from making the vision your reality. It all ties back to the wonderfully insightful quote that I stumbled upon today - make the most of yourself. You are bigger, more amazing and more capable that you ever give yourself credit for. Live out loud. Be ready when opportunity knocks...perhaps in doing so you will eventually create your own utopia...."

I will make my vision a reality!
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  1. thank you so much Lori! glad you found inspiration in my post - i'd love to hear more about your vision!

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