Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Savannah, GA... a weekend adventure...

  Ahhhh.... Savannah, one of the prettiest cities in the South. My Husband and I spent the weekend there and toured the many sites and attractions.  We ate fresh seafood and sipped chilled cocktails on one of the many verandas available to just sit and watch the world go by.
  Thinking I might be able to find some interesting beads in a new location; I struck out with my map in hand to find the "Beadstro" bead shop. After an hour of searching the street it was suppose to be on, I gave up and headed back to the Inn to check the shop's web page.  I called their phone number and was connected to a shoe shop.  Thinking I had the wrong number I called 411, got the same phone number as the shoe shop.  To make a long story short I never found the bead shop, evidently it had closed and they never bothered to delete or update their web page. I was disappointed and had wasted some valuable vacation time searching for a ghost.  So, I did the next best thing...I went shoe shopping!  When one door closes another one opens, sometimes it's filled with wonderful shoes. :)
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  1. Savannah's on my bucket list. Thanks for stopping by the manor!