Friday, April 23, 2010

Trends in Jewelry.....

We all know how important it is to keep up with jewelry trends if you're in the handmade jewelry business. It certainly would not be in your best interest to be selling bright, colorful neon designs in a year when the trend screams black and white! Not that you want to completely alter your jewelry line based on trends; BUT, it is important to be aware of jewelry trends so that you can make subtle changes to your line based on demand.

Right now long chain necklaces with some embellishments are popular, also multi strand necklaces and bracelets are selling. Fashion magazines and trend watch publications are very helpfully when adjusting your shop to draw attention to the latest style. One good source of jewelry trend information for jewelry makers is Bead Style Magazine. Each month they have a trend watch section.

Take a peek at two of my current trend designs:
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  1. I really like the silver and purple one - you definitely captured the trend!

  2. Hi Lori.
    Lovely necklaces - the silver and amethyst works well, it draws my eye.