Monday, August 23, 2010

Carry a Hankie

Life Lessons......
While visiting Mexico many years ago as a teenager, I experienced my first seasonal allergy attack. Caught off guard and unprepared for the sniffles on a tour of the jungle, my Father handed me a fresh hankie and told me to keep it in my backpack/purse.  And so I have.  I keep it in one of the small inner pockets of my purse so it will stay clean and fresh.  I've found many uses for my Hankie; restroom dryer on the fritz...Hankie; sunglasses covered with sea-spray...Hankie; missing blindfold for "pin the tail on the donkey"...Hankie; wipe away tears at my best friends wedding...extra large hankie!

Hankies can say something about yourself. Like the accessories that you wear, and the music that you listen to, your hankie can add individuality to your identity.

Hankies found on Etsy pictured above:
(click description to go to Etsy Shop for more details)

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  1. What a wonderful story, I don´t have a Hunkie but I can imagine having a whit one with fine embroidery ☺.

    Thanks for visiting my blog dear Lori,
    wish you a great day