Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday....

Most Friday's my husband I go to a little cantina for dinner and margaritas. It’s our way of releasing the tensions of the work week. The restaurant is called Bone Garden Cantina and it has a Day of the Dead theme. The art work and sculpture created by the owner Michael is fabulous, take a peek:

From pre Columbian times, El Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead has been celebrated in Mexico, and other Latin countries. This is a very special ritual, since it is the day in which the living remember their departed relatives.  Sometimes, when people of other cultures hear for the first time about the celebration of the Day of the Dead, they mistakenly think it must be: gruesome, terrifying, scary, ugly and sad. Nothing further from the truth, Day of the Dead is a beautiful ritual in which Mexicans happily and lovingly remember their loved relatives that have died. 
Bone Garden Cantina is one of our favorite places to relax, the food is fabulous and the staff is top notch.  I love their Chili Rellenos, they are the best in Atlanta. Stop by sometime; I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
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