Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My top selling item this Holiday Season.

Now that the dust has settled from the Holidays, it’s time to reflect on my Etsy shop sales and my small business goals for the New Year. I had great sales the two weeks leading up to Christmas, I even received three custom orders. My big sellers were cluster earrings and bookmarks. One particular turquoise and pearl earring design sold very well (pictured above). The average price for all items sold between October and December was $32. Several buyers asked for expedited shipping to assure the packages would arrive by Christmas.

Based on the sales trend information above, I have set the following goals for the year. I know this is a bit ambitious, but I want my small business to become my only business in 2011:

First Quarter work on replenishing my shop so I have at least 125 items listed.
  1. new cluster earrings – various colors
  2. new cluster charm bracelets – Spring and fall colors
  3. new bookmarks – spring and Easter theme
  4. Valentine’s day themed items - Complete
  5. Find source for Lampwork beads until I can re-open/move my studio
  6. Add expedited shipping option to shop
  7. Re-order packaging materials
  8. Schedule regular blogging and marketing

 Second Quarter show at one craft event
  1. Look for indoor venue
  2. Revamp display fixtures
  3. Work on stock levels for show
  4. Find source for Halloween materials
  5. Stock-up on findings and bookmarks

 Third Quarter work on Fall/Halloween and Christmas designs
  1. Studio time at least three times a week
  2. Build gift collection in the $25 - $35 range
  3. Research possible Fall craft show – indoor

 Fourth Quarter sell, sell, sell
  1. Market shop everyday
  2. Renew 3 items everyday
  3. Clear workbench and set-up shipping station
  4. Have shipping materials pre-assembled for quick turn around
  5. Work custom orders and adjust stock as needed

Have you set your Etsy or Small Business goals for the New year? Drop me a line and let me know how you plan to stay on track this year. I need all the help and advice I can get. Thanks!

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  1. Why wouldn't those gorgeous earrings sell like gang busters? They are beautiful! I wish you good luck on your goals for this year and I will love to celebrate their completion with you!

  2. Thanks for the compliment and encouragement Kristin! Happy New Year!

  3. Love your list of goals for 2011, I hope you don't mind that I adopt a few for myself.