Monday, June 6, 2011

New Bookmarks in my Shop....

I enjoy reading. Nothing can replace the smell of new books or the magic and wonder of a trip to the public library. I like the physical weight of a hardback book and the quick visual indication of how far through the book I am by looking at the bookmark. The feeling of flipping pages, makes me feel like I've accomplished something. The physical book has long stood for the hunger for knowledge; the gathering of knowledge is somehow suggested by the rows of vertical spines, each varying in height, width and color, lined up on a bookshelf.

So, I scoff at the idea of a Kindle or similar ebook reader, and based on the number of bookmarks I’ve sold in my Etsy shop, I know there are other folks who feel the same way.

QUESTION: Do you use an ebook? What makes it better for you than a physical book? I want to understand the positive traits of the ebook. Send me your comments. Thanks!

Checkout my latest bookmark designs in my Etsy Shop:

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  1. Beautiful bookmarks! My daughter and I were just discussing this. We both love having the actual books and magazines.

  2. Hi Lori,
    I agree, sometimes I flip through magazines multiple times and always see something I missed the first time.