Friday, June 3, 2011

Things that make you go awww....

I just couldn’t resist sharing these photos.  This little brown bear became separated from his mum in Slovenia.   He wandered out of the forest and into the yard of a kind family. “Medo” (the Slovenian word for bear) made friends with the family dog and decided to stay; he has been with the family for 4 weeks. Slovenia's national newspaper said that Medo has "stolen the nation's heart"; he now has more than 550 fans on Facebook. Looking at these extraordinary photographs, it is easy to see why!
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  1. Hi Lori, i'm glad your shared i just love any kind of story than invoves furry friends and this one is abso adorable!
    take care ttfn L:)

  2. I am so happy I came upon your blog 😀🙂 😘