Thursday, September 15, 2011


I love Halloween! I’ve always thought of it as my day to escape my “real Life”. While growing up, other holidays were stressful and sometimes unpleasant. Family feuds, divorced parents, and a host of other disappointing situations made traditional Holidays a bit disjointed in our family. But not Halloween!

Fall Front Door Decor
Halloween provided me a free pass one night a year to escape and become part of the world of fantasy and adventure. It was my chance to become something different, something exciting, something beautiful, or even someone who could fly. I could leave behind the pressure of family challenges and just enjoy my favorite day.

Vintage Halloween Costume Patterns
Even as a very young girl, I spent days working on my costume; as a teenager I learned to sew just so I could create fabulous outfits. Being extremely tall for my age, (I still am), I could never wear the commercial costumes available at the local Woolworth's, so I had to sew my own.
Today, I still enjoy everything Halloween and decorate the house for the holiday. I’ve made a few items for my Etsy Shop for my favorite day. No pressure, no guilt, just pure enjoyment…cheers!

Halloween items in my Etsy shop.

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  1. I love your front door decor, very beautiful! You new Halloween jewelry is a lot of fun.
    Everyday Inspired

  2. This is my favorite holiday too! I love all things Hallowe'en and would quite happily skip most of the other holidays! OK so I'm bead soup hopping and your necklace is lovely but Since I love Hallowe'en thought I'd comment on this post instead!