Monday, June 11, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party...Ten stress-free steps...

  The next Bead Soup Blog Party is just around the corner.  I’ve been thinking about how I want to approach the upcoming event.  In the past I’ve completed designs that I was comfortable with, but that isn't the point of this ‘Party’.  It is meant to challenge creative limitations and help you try something new.  So in preparation for the next Bead Soup event, I have outlined 10 ways (listed below) to improve my experience and grow as a designer. If you are interesting in reading about the Bead Soup Blog Party, check out Lori Anderson’s blog “Pretty Things”.

My Past Bead Soup Blog Party Designs

My New Design Process for the Bead Soup Blog Party…
  1. You need to keep in mind what’s interesting to you as a designer, not what’s easy to do as a jewelry maker. They can be very different.

  2. Simplify. Focus. Define your color pallet. Which beads will you use from your soup ingredients? You may feel like you’re losing valuable stuff, but it sets you free.

  3. Visualize jewelry designs you love. What you love about them is a part of you; you’ve got to recognize it before you can use it.

  4. Think about what you are good at, comfortable with. Now what is the polar opposite of that? Challenge yourself.

  5. Discount the 1st design that comes to mind. And the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th – get the obvious out of the way. Surprise yourself.

  6. Visualize or draw a finished piece before you figure out how to create it. Seriously. New design direction is hard; get your design well-defined up front.

  7. No effort is ever wasted. If it’s not working, let go and move on - it’ll come back around to be useful later.

  8. Recognize your skill: the difference between doing your best & fretting. Design is about trying, not worrying.

  9. If you were wearing this piece, how would you feel? Use that feeling to describe your work.

  10. Finish and post your design, let go even if it’s not perfect. In an ideal world you have both (finished on time and perfection), but even if you don’t have both, know that you embraced the challenge and created something from your heart.
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  1. I like your thoughts on the design process, Lori...many of them really resonate with me but ESP 2,6 and 7. I better start getting my things together.. Thanks for the reminder! I missed out on the last, so am really looking forward to this one coming.

  2. Sound like a fun challenge, and your tips for growing as a designer are great! Number 10 is my favorite.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. These are really some thought-provoking ideas for your design process. I might actually use some of them myself. I really like your idea to maybe not use the first few ideas that come to mind and to sketch out your design first. The last BSBP I participated in, that's what I did. I sketched out EVERY idea I had and then went back and picked out what pieces of each design I liked before I designed my necklace.
    Here's hoping this design process brings you the creativity, inspiration, and all out beauty in your soup!!

  4. This is awesome -- you should post this on the FB group!

  5. I'm really hoping that I take your words of advice and branch out with those bound-to-be-gorgeous beads you're sending me! This is a wonderful list of things to remember for any and all crafters and artists :)