Thursday, June 14, 2012

But it doesn't have pockets.....

Yesterday I noticed that my purse is starting to look shabby, not just a little shabby, it is way past what could be called “shabby chic”. The straps are fraying, the seams are coming loose, the leather is worn, and one zipper refuses to zip.

To me there is not a more excruciating chore than having to switch my purse, and I really can’t comprehend how some gals do it every day. I literally spend hours shopping for just the right purse. It can’t be flimsy, floppy, or refuse to stand solidly. It must have pockets, and dividers, and compartments, and zippers, and... you get the picture. For me, successfully using a purse involves close supervision of its contents. I tend to forget where I’ve put things so compartmentalizing is the key to my sanity. I work hard to be organized, but even then the multi-pocket idea is not fool-proof. I have to remember which pocket I put stuff in. Maybe voice-activated software would be useful—I could open my purse, say “chapstick”, and the correct pocket will vibrate, blink, or talk back to me.

So, today I started my search for a new handbag on Etsy. I always try to support small businesses and my fellow Etsy handmade artists, but I just wasn’t finding what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, there were beautiful handbags in every color, texture, and shape, but I couldn’t find the perfect fit for me.

Then I stumbled upon these…..problem solved!

Organizer by Divide and Conquer
A purse organizer insert with pockets galore and stand-up sides so it doesn't go all flimsy inside the purse.

Organizer by Divide and Conquer
It has pockets inside and out and some have dividers and zippers too!

Organizer by Divide and Conquer
The organizers come in many different colors and styles; with or without handles.

Example Photos by
Just look how everything fits neatly inside this purse!

Organizer by: It's All in the Bag
There's even a mini organizer for your formal clutch bag.

Keeping my purse organized just got a whole lot easier! No more digging around in the dark corners of my purse for cell phone, keys, check book, etc. Best of all, if I do decide to swap my handbag to match an outfit, I can simply lift the Organizer out of my everyday purse and the entire contents can be easily transferred to a cute trendy bag with NO pockets. It will be simple, quick and easy, no need to unload all the pockets to change bags. Yippeee!

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  1. That definitely looks convenient. Do you generally carry around larger bags?

  2. This looks like a stinkin' dream come true!!! I always have a whole bunch of small zipper bags inside my purse to try and keep things organized, but this is a much simpler solution!!!

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    Wow...that's genius! I've never seen anything like it;) Glad you found a lovely handmade solution!

  4. That is so clever! Love it!

  5. How sweet and wonderful that you try and support small businesses on Etsy. That purse is adorable. Mine, too, is beyond the point of looking shabby chic. Love the bag you selected, so many places to put my things and I have a lot of things!