Thursday, March 21, 2013

This House is Perfect...

We are moving in the near future and our search for a new home is well underway. I stumbled across a website that featured an amazing craftsman home.  When I saw this listing, I thought they must have been channeling my every wish and vision for a dream home.  It's Perfect!  We want a smaller place, with less stairs (we now have 19 stairs just to get into the house and many more inside), a craftsman style, and intown location. Just one minor detail is keeping me from calling the listing agent...It's in Houston... we need a home in the greater Atlanta area. 

Backyard Renovation

SO, I'm posting some photos of this dream home so my blog lovin' friends and family can see what we are looking for.  Maybe you have a lead on a similar house for sale in or around greater Atlanta. 

Great Curb Appeal

Front Porch Swing

I love a swing on the front porch, four swings on the porch is even better!

Built in Wine Rack

This wine rack is wonderful, my sweetie would love to have this in our house.

Kitchen Renovation in Craftsman Home

Kitchen Renovation in Craftsman Home

This over-sized farm sink is what we dream of having, but this is a small detail that we can compromise on.

Bathroom Renovation in Craftsman Home

A must have will be his and hers closets. We don't like to share.

Craftsman Home Renovation

Hardwoods throughout the home and room for a king size bed would be perfect.

Hoping we can find something similar in Atlanta, chances are slim, but a girl can dream!

If you would like to see the Real Estate Listing and Additional Photos:

This website features similar properties for sale across the country:

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  1. What a gorgeous home. Yes, I think I could be happy with that too. Good luck on your house hunt. ~Wanda