Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working on Creepy Blog Hop Designs…

You may already know (based on past blog posts) that Halloween is my favorite holiday and we celebrate the Day of the Dead every year at Bone Garden Cantina. When I saw an invitation to join a Halloween/Day of the Dead blog hop, I immediately dropped everything and went to work on some ‘creepy’ new designs. 

Blog hop host Diana Ptaszynski asked that each design contain at least one Art Bead.  I dug through my lampwork bead collection and came up with several possibilities and I also purchased a marvelous polymer clay skull pendant from artist Jenny Davies-Reazor.  I’d love to show you what I’m making, but it’s a secret until the big reveal on October 28.  Stop back then to see my finished designs and Links to the other participant’s jewelry.

In the mean time, here is a definition of what an “Art Bead” is and some great Day of the Dead examples I found on Etsy.

Day of the Dead Blog Hop
Earthenwood Studio

“Art Bead” Defined by Art Bead Scene:
“First, art beads are made by individual artisans in independently owned studios. They work either alone or in very small studios, making one of a kind beads by hand or in small batches. Most are self-representing, meaning you can buy their beads directly from them, although some work with stores to get their beads into the hands of the public. Art beads are not made in factories or sweatshops in mass quantities. When you buy art beads, you are supporting the people who make them directly.”

Day of the Dead Blog Hop
Joan Miller
 Art beads can be crafted using many materials: Glass, ceramic, polymer clay, metal, and natural materials.  Art beads are usually made with the intention of becoming a part of a beautiful piece of jewelry. The bead maker is the first step in the journey of an art bead. The handcrafted bead may be sent on to another artist who uses the bead to create their own art in the form of jewelry or other crafts. It is a truly inspirational process and very special relationships can develop between the artists who make the beads, the artists who turn the beads into jewelry, and even the owner of the finished jewelry.

Day of the Dead Blog Hop

Day of the Dead Blog Hop


Remember...stop back on October 28th to see my finished designs using Art Beads and links to the other blogs that are participating the this blog hop.  Cheers!

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