Friday, April 1, 2016

Making Friends as an Introvert...

Making Friends

Those who know me well know that I’m an Introvert and totally shy around new people. Making “friends” as an introvert is always a difficult task for me.  Soon my husband and I will be moving to a new town; the idea of making friends again is daunting.  To combat my fear, I’m doing a little research on the new town and planning some ways to make this “challenge” interesting and more adventurous. Below are some possible ways to make friends as an introvert in our new town.

Main Street
1. Find a cafe, bar, park, or bench that is “mine”.
The new town has a main street filled with interesting shops and restaurants. It is close to home, and will take minimal effort to get there. I plan to visit it often, same time, and same place. After several visits I will emerge as a regular to the staff and other regulars. This won’t take too long to accomplish.

2. Take a jewelry making class.
The new town has a little independent bead shop that offers classes. I’ve found that classes are a good place to connect and relax. Letting go of control is challenging as an introvert. However, that is the point. After 2 hours of watching others working on the same project, conversation is easier, fun, and just flows.
3. Go to upcoming creative lectures.
Lectures are a major draw for introverts. Several artists are scheduled to lecture at one of the galleries on Main Street.  I can sit and listen to big ideas and new concepts. I can look around the room, observe the curiosity of others, and simply enjoy a close-ended experience. There’s plenty of time to ask questions in an orderly fashion, and pinpoint others I’d like to get to know. Afterwards, there should be an opportunity to strike up a conversation or engage with a group of people.

Walking in Blue Ridge, GA
4. Go walking at the same time every day.
There’s something about taking a walk on a quiet morning and seeing other members of the community in their daily routines. You see familiar faces by following the same route. This provides me a sense of security, comfort, and community. It’s great practice for talking to strangers, and maybe making a new friend.

Dining Meetup
5. Start a meetup group
Starting my own community gives me the chance to “hand-pick” the people I want in my new circle of friends. Maybe a dining group or artists who want to start a co-op. I can create events, and cap it at 10 or even 20 members. As the group leader, I’ll be in charge of picking events and communicating with people.  This will push me to get out and socialize.
Hopefully these efforts will give me a sense of empowerment as I try to make new friends as an introvert. I want to create new social connections that will enhance my life.  Wish me luck on this new adventure!


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