Tuesday, April 5, 2016



What Money Can’t Buy…
·         Reminiscing About Old Times with Your Best Friend – Those amazing life experiences only the two of you lived through together.  Like that wild weekend trip to Sarasota, or following ‘that guy’ for miles to see where he lived, or floating down Rock Springs in an inner tube on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Priceless!

·         Unexpectedly Hearing Your Favorite Song – You’re stuck on I-285 in rush hour traffic, you change the radio station for a little diversion.  The opening notes to your favorite song (September by EW&F) instantly chime in. Priceless!

·         The Sound of a Rock Filled Rushing Creek– It’s the music of Mother Nature surrounding you. Priceless!

·         The Warm Touch of Your Sweetie – It’s the touch no one else shares.

·         The Feeling of Acceptance – You’re a part of something greater… and it feels good. Priceless!


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