Monday, June 20, 2016

The yard needs some TLC...

Our new home needs some gardening TLC.  The house had not been occupied for over a year and had been used as vacation home only.  The yard has amazing potential, but no effort has been made other than basic mowing and edging so it would sell.  We have zero curb appeal and a lot of weeds and trimming to deal with.  I'm considering hiring some help to get a good foundation in place that I can build on. Here are some fun decorative ideas that I found on Pintrest....I love them!

1.) Hostas are one of my favorite plants, they are very striking when used as a potted plant. I'd love to do something like this for the front porch.  It is covered and shady...just what hostas love...shade.
Container Plants

"Hostas in a pot! every spring they the pot! Add geraniums and ivy."

2.) Another favorite of mine are succulents in a big low profile pot.  Not sure where I would put this, but I love it!
Container Gardening

"Love this container, looks like floating water lily. Of the blue-glazed birdbath pictured here, Baldwin writes: "Purple and pink echeveria suggest water lilies. White-webbed Sempervivum arachnoideum rosettes sparkle like sunlight on the surface of water, and in their midst is a flat green Aeonium tabuliforme (lily pad aeonium). A topdressing of green and blue florist's marbles enhances the illusion." Baldwin took the photo at the California Cactus Center in Pasadena, and the design by Arree."

3.) The previous owner left a old wine barrel and a lot of old galvanized buckets and tubs, I plan to do something creative with them, this is a good example of what I want to do.
Container Gardening

"Love the bright colors of this impatient mix, it will brighten up a yard that is a sea of green grass and trees."

4.) Last but not least we have a significant slope that has been sliding down to the driveway with every rain storm. WE will be putting in a retaining wall, but I would also love something like this.  I absolutely love the different textures, the rocks and plants will satisfy that craving for texture. Love it!
Rock Garden

If you have any ideas or photos of fun landscape installations, please send them my way.


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