Saturday, July 6, 2019

Update: New Job - Loving It!

I've now been at Project Chimps for just under a year. As a reminder, project chimps is a Sanctuary for Chimpanzees retired from research. It is a 236 acre property in the North Georgia Mountains and a forever home to 59 retired Chimps. It has been very rewarding using my organizational skills as Donation Coordinator.  But the greatest reward has been seeing the chimps just being Chimps. 

In the research facility they were well cared for, but they lived full time in a cage suspended from the floor. They never had the opportunity to just be see the sky, to feel the grass under their feet, to climb trees, or form social groups with other chimps. They are getting to know the world and enjoying fun enrichment actives like the ball pit in the video below. See Noel and her friends try it out for the first time...Enjoy!

The Sanctuary is totally supported by donations. I you are so inclined, you can donate by going to the website and select "Support", you will also find an amazon wish list filled with items needed to support the Chimps. Thank you for your consideration.

Lori Dorrington
Project Chimps Donation Coordinator

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