Saturday, July 6, 2019

Wednesday Medley - 07/04/19

1.  Please share a favorite July 4th memory with us. In 1976, I drove my brand new convertible, that I had received as a gift for my High School graduation, in the 4th of July  Bi-Centennial parade. The town council members sat on the back of the car and waved to the crowd. After the parade I went to work at Dairy Queen (always fun)  for the rest of the night. We watched the fire works  from the DQ parking lot. A great way to celebrate the  USA's Bi-Centennial!

2.  How do you plan to spend tomorrow?  If you are working, will you celebrate later? We had a fabulous night out on July 4th.  We went with our good friends Dee and Larry, Debbie and Mark, and Tracy and Dave to the beautiful Brasstown Valley Resort for a very enjoyable celebration of our nation's independence.
3.  Is there a favorite food always reserved for your 4th of July celebration? BBQ Pork!
4.  In Florida, you can buy all kinds of fireworks, including some that fly high and burst into pretty cascades.  Are fireworks legal in your state/community and does anyone you know put on a display for your neighborhood? They just became legal 2 years ago. I made my first trip to the Fireworks store and came home with $100 worth of fireworks...I went a little overboard, but our display was fabulous!
5.  Do you have a favorite movie that you always watch sometime during the 4th of July? I don't have a 4th of July favorite, but I do like "A league of their Own" for a good summer movie.

6.  Share something from your week, please. Work has been hectic, but rewarding this week at Project Chimps. Two chimps that didn't care to go outside, finally (1 year later) went out into the Sanctuary. Congratulations Ray and Binah, it's your time to Live! 

Lori in Blue Ridge
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