Sunday, July 19, 2009

“Marketing” no longer means groceries...

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had is getting the word out about my shop. Not just about myself, but about the handmade revolution that is taking over the country. People seem tired of all the mass produced junk they are being offered. You, me, and Etsy are all part of a bigger movement that values artists, artisans, and quality goods that are made with care. The market place is looking for a move back to simpler times, products made with love and caring, supporting local craftsmen and merchants. I am part of that movement but I need to get the word out! My first step in a bigger marketing plan:

1. Have Business Cards With Your Etsy Shop Link Close At Hand. A lot of business I hope to get will be from who I know, and who knows me. A great step to getting my name and my ETSY shop out in the open is to hand out business cards that have all my company’s information on them. I may not have immediate sales (also since it is summer, it’s a slower shopping season) but when they are in the market for a nice gift maybe they’ll think of me and that card I gave them. The big challenge is not making the cards; it’s keeping them with me at all times. I’m going to put some in my Husband’s wallet as backup when I don’t carry my purse and keep a few in our cars. I just need to get better at handing them out!

More on my Marketing plan in future posts!
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