Sunday, July 12, 2009

Say Cheeeese!

I've been working with my husband photographing my jewelry. This project has turned into an all day project; several trips to The Home Depot (Sweetie loves an excuse to go to THD)for lighting and light box construction materials. Additional trips were needed to the fabric store and craft store for background materials. Adjustment to the studio to fit the new photography set-up, etc, etc... Lighting the items has really been a challenge. We are using a light box and many back lights, but the images are still dark. If we use the flash, the images are washed out or have flash reflections; if we don't use the flash the images are not as sharp. All afternoon and evening we continued to experiment, but have not found the perfect lighting yet.

"Never give up, never surrender!"

We'll work on this again tomorrow...Good Night Earth!
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