Friday, March 19, 2010

"I love it, but why so expensive....."

Recently I’ve had a comment from a friend about the prices in my Etsy Shop. I realized that my friend and hopefully potential buyer had been comparing my prices to mass produced items available at local retailers. She did not realize the time, effort, craftsmanship, and love that went into every piece I make. After our conversation I believe she had a better understanding of the significance of handmade items.I took a look at my shop. Did it immediately let the customer know that I’m a handmade artisan as opposed to a reseller? No really…..
Here are some tips to help establish the value of your craft:
- Does your profile state information about your process, standards and quality?
- Are you letting them know how your products are superior (I hope they are) to the commercially available products?
- Is your geographic location specific for those who want to shop local?
- Do you ever refer to yourself by name to establish a more personal connection?
- Do you encourage conversations?
Hopefully my work speaks for its self, but by adding a more personal feel to my profile and descriptions I hope that I’m establishing my shop as a place for quality handmade items.
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