Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Step away from the computer.....

Establishing a new and steady stream of shoppers to your business is a challenge, I have been looking beyond the online world in order to attain the success that I desire.  A great way to do this is to start exploring traditional networking venues. I strongly believe that effective networking is as much about quality as quantity.  Make sure the room is filled with potential clients and watch your networking time pay-off!  Many of these events are scheduled in the early morning or at lunch time, so even if you have a day job, you can probably work an event or two into your schedule.

Here are some tips for finding networking events that are a good match for your creative business: 
  • What local city is known for harboring artists?  Make sure you attend the Chamber events there. 
  •  Google “art clubs” or “craft clubs” and then the name of your city or county and see what comes up and when they meet. 
  • Tip Clubs can even be helpful: they are filled with independent business people who come into contact with tons of individuals.
  • Attend events put on by your local galleries.
  • Network at local craft fairs and shows.
Networking with people face to face is much scarier for a shy person like me than networking online, but I’m giving it a try. I’m sure you too will be surprised by how much you can grow your sales locally.  Who knows, we may even meet a gallery or boutique owner!  

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