Friday, April 9, 2010

Creative Blocks.......

   I realized today that I’m in a rut, my shop sales are slow and I haven’t been motivated to create any new product.  I’ve spent many hours each day working on my marketing; tweeting, posting on facebook, reading blogs, chatting in forums, etc….
  A wise, very successful Etsy seller advised that I should keep updating my jewelry during the quiet period. “Most importantly, keep renewing and improving your craft; oftentimes we  handmade sellers take so much of our time marketing our items, we forget to look for new and interesting ways to create. This will keep people coming back to your shop and will make your marketing job a little easier!”  

  So, today I got out of the house for a hair appointment and a look around for inspiration. While waiting at the salon I was thumbing through a fashion magazine and noticed the bold, chunky, and natural materials being used for the designer jewelry.  On the wall of the salon was a painting with an incredible color pallet, my stylist had on a beautiful long rope necklace and the shop across the street had a window display bursting with spring colors. Creative inspiration was all around me I just needed to look up from my ‘marketing’ to see it.  I have a renewed focus…I’m off to the studio to create my next sale!
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  1. I love your blog post, and I completely understand. Sales have been very few lately and with times being so hard who knows when they will improve. So I thank you for your great post on finding something inspirational and continuing to craft.

  2. Way to find inspiration and recharge! It is difficult for me, being a new crafter, to know when to give up and pack it in, or when to keep going. I find picking up another medium altogether for a while can help. Photography, mixed media, or drawing help me out of a rut. I only create when I am truly in the mood to make something. Sometimes that is a long time. Classes can help too as you mix with others and learn new things. Good luck and keep going, your work is beautiful!!!

  3. Love this post...keep creating, keep doing..that's what will really attract people. I just got done with a post about blogging for 100 days. There were times I wanted to stop, but I kept going. I think when we work on our craft, be it writing, art, jewelery or whatever, continuously, gems will surface and people will come and check it out. Keep going, your work is beautiful!! By creating, you are creating energy around your work! Peace to you, Kathy

  4. I know, I get stuck sometimes too... I love finding inspiration in nature, but sometimes in the winter I just stare down at my jewelry making tools and go blank. Loving the spring weather!