Thursday, April 15, 2010

Helping families one bead at a time....

Are you familiar with Kazuri Beads?  Lady Sarah Wood and two African women began making the colorful beads twenty-five years ago on the lawn of Isak Dinesen's Kenyan coffee plantation. Today, this bead business offers employment and income for about 100 Kenyan women living near the foothills of Mt. Kenya, who are often the sole providers for their children and families. The women are given fair wages and child care to help them out of poverty. Each bead is shaped by hand from clay - fired, painted, fired and glazed, and then fired again in an electric kiln. Up to five different colors may be used on one bead to create the pattern, and no two beads are exactly alike. Kazuri Beads is a member of the FAIR TRADE Federation. Below are examples of Jewelry made using Kazuri Beads.....

This necklace is from my own shop it's
called: "Sand Dunes"

This lovely necklace is from another Etsy seller it's called: "Seafoam Kazuri"

You can purchase Kazuri beads from many sources here in the US, this is the the source I use: Turtle Neck Jewelry.  They can be found online at:

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  1. Nice job with the Kazuri beads.

  2. The colors are beautiful. I also heard of the paper beads made from rolled up magazines that the women of Uganda (I think) make and sell. Extraordinary.