Saturday, November 3, 2012

1000 Gifts - Part Five

This is part five of my own journey to list my 1000 gifts; blessings to be thankful for every day. 

It really does make a difference in my outlook when I realize how much splendor surrounds me on a daily basis.  There are so many things to be thankful for…all the little things that make me smile.

My mission is based on a book by Ann Voskamp titled One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I plan to complete this journey by June 3o, 2013. Should you also feel inspired to remind yourself of all the things you have been blessed with (things that make you smile every day), please join me.

And so my 1000 Gifts journey continues... 
One Thousand gifts I have been blessed with Part Five:
80.   Dinner at Bone Garden - love the cheese dip!
81.   Being able to stay in jammies all day on Saturday until our date night
82.   Hot rollers that actually stay in my hair instead of sliding out before set
83.   A special night out for our anniversary at Bacchanalia
84.   Roasted beets with goats cheese and pumpkin seeds
85.   The most amazing selection of artisan cheese for a cheese coarse at dinner
86.   Warm gooey chocolate cake with mint ice cream
87.   The car right outside the door when it's raining
88.   A clean kitchen sink
89.   An invitation to a fun pig roast at our favorite place
80.   Knowing the Bourbon we tasted has been made by the same family since the '20s. 
91.   Having the opportunity to meet the chefs, farmer, and the brewer of our meal
92.   Meeting new friends in an unexpected place
93.   Getting a little kitty love from the social  butterfly neighborhood cat
94.   Fun decorating for Halloween 
95.   Being able to buy the "Good" candy for trick-or-treaters
96.   Seeing colorful pansies in the porch containers, a sure sign of fall in Georgia
97.   Getting an unscheduled break this morning because of the fire drill
98.   Finding dollar bills in the fall jacket that I haven't worn for a year
99.   Watching the kid's Halloween parade at work, so cute!
100.  Seeing the rolling cribs filled with babies in animal costumes on parade; it was like the Ringling Brothers main street parade only much sweeter, baby elephants, baby lions, baby monkeys, and babies in every other animal costume you can think of......
101.  Having our own daycare right here at work; wonderfully convenient for families.
102.  Mini BabyRuth bars
103.  A visit at my desk from the cutest little girl in a lady bug costume
104.  No more conference calls this week!
105.  Project timeline on track for my construction project
106.  The end of the day and it's Friday.
107.   An emergency flashlight that goes on when the power goes off
108.  No trees down in our neighborhood after the storm passed
109.  Quick power restoration after the storm
110.  No family or friends in danger (so far), most of my family lives in the Lake Michigan area which is still under storm watch and flood warning due to Hurricane Sandy.
111.  My cozy throw blanket to keep the drafts away
112.  Seeing the little red fox and knowing that she survived the flooding near her den
113.  Finding that lost sock from our last camping trip, it's my favorite pair, so warm
114.  Tuna Tacos at our favorite Cantina
115.  Carving a great pumpkin
116.  Handing out candy in our neighborhood; it is known for it's Halloween decor/celebration; car loads of kids arrive from all over the city.
117.  Gazing at the full moon and wondering how many others are gazing at it too
118.  Reminiscing about the childhood costumes that I sewed by hand; I was unusually tall for my age so I had to make my costumes so they would be long enough.
119.  Sick-day spent relaxing on the couch.
120.  Puffs with lotion...aahhh....
Too be continued….
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