Thursday, January 15, 2015

8 Ways to Enjoy an Unpredicted Snow Day

8 Ways to Enjoy an Unpredicted Snow Day

It's snowing!  Eight ways to enjoy an unpredicted snow day...

1. Discover Your Inner Princess – What girl doesn't want to be a princess for a day; feel special, look special, be special? Step out of the shower and dry off with the “good” towels, you know, the soft fluffy ones that are reserved for company only. Slip on your prettiest pajamas, a silky robe, and a pair of fancy mule slippers. Put a chair in front of the bathroom mirror, sit down and practice pulling your hair up into a new style.  Shape and polish your nails. Pamper yourself!

2. Begin Trimming Your Wardrobe – I know that it’s hard to think of spring on a snow day, but spring fashions are available online already.  Thin out your wardrobe by keeping the things you love and wear on a regular basis; remove the “maybe I’ll wear this again” items.  Chances are if it’s a “maybe” you’re not going to wear it. Next, ‘window’ shop online at your favorite clothing store or browse through the stack of unread fashion magazines.

3. Do Your Recipe Research – Explore cookbooks or recipes online, then drag out that unused appliance from under the kitchen counter and create something new. A snow day is a great day to use the crockpot.

4. Plan a Night out– Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Plan a fun single girl’s night out or a romantic Valentine’s Day with your true love. Make Valentine’s Day cards using materials you have around the house. Write short love notes on post-its and hide them around the house for your sweetie to discover (in the medicine cabinet, in the refrigerator, behind the bathroom door, etc.). 

5. Plan a Trip on Your Bucket List – Snow may keep you in, but travel Web sites, books, and magazines can take you all over the world in an instant. Why not plan a mini break or next year’s trip now? Chuck and I are planning a road trip to Florida this spring.  Now would be a good time to plan the route and reserve accommodations along the way. Key West is on the list!

6. Tea Time – If you’re going to be a princess afternoon tea is a must! Set your table with your best china, silver, and linen napkins. Brew some Earl Grey or Chamomile tea, nosh on savory or sweet treats from your pantry. Open that romantic novel you've had stashed away for a rainy day. What better way to use up time on a wet, cold snow day than a few hours lingering over tea and a good book?

7. Catch Up - Watch all the episodes of your favorite shows that you've recorded on the DVR.  Or start watching Downton Abbey on “Catch Up”; it’s perfect for a snow day.

8. Take a Steamy Bath – At the end of the day indulge in a scented bath. It’s a heavenly way to wind down your evening and relax.


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  1. As a teacher in New England, I love snow days! I usually just lay on the couch and watch tv (-:

  2. Several great ideas here. Snow is so rare here that we play in it while it lasts!