Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's a Southern Thing...The Barn Sale!

Yes, I sold my jewelry in a Barn!

The Traveling Bazaar

Since retiring from the corporate world I've been working full time on my Etsy jewelry shop and a traveling jewelry booth setup.  This past weekend I participated in my first Barn Sale at the Old McDonald's Farm in Sale Creek, TN.  It was a "shabby chic" themed event put on by the Traveling Bazaar Group. 

The Traveling Bazaar

Did I make a lot of money? N0.  Did I have a great time? YES!  It was so much fun I'm going to do it again in December.  It was great networking with the other vendors at the event and I learned a lot from them.

Some Craft Show Tips:
1.)  Bring snacks - eating a full meal is impossible if you don't have a friend to booth sit.
2.)  Bring a fan(s) - shoppers will stay longer in your booth if they are cool.
3.)  Bring Backup Supplies - many shoppers wanted to mix and match chain lengths with my sea glass pendants, no one wanted the necklace "as is".  Additional lengths were needed.
4.)  Be prepared for the surge - Serious shoppers arrive within the first two hours of the show.  After lunch was very sluggish for sales.

The Traveling Bazaar

I'm on the standby list for the Jasper, Georgia, Marble Festival; keep your fingers crossed for me to get in this year!
Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

Craft Show Booth

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  1. Hey there, Lori! Glad you had such a fun time! My family and I were in Blue Ridge last month for a family vacation. Is your shop located in downtown BR on the main strip? If so, we probably walked in your shop without even realizing it.

    1. Hi April, Nice to hear from you again! I don't currently have a shop, I'm just doing craft festivals at the moment. Someday I hope to open a Co-Op on the main strip for local artist to display their work. I visited a great one in New Smyrna Beach, FL where the artists had studio rooms where they worked and sold their work in one space. That is my future goal for Blue Ridge.