Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall 2012 Jewelry Trends

I long for the cool temperatures and vibrant colors of fall.  Here in Georgia, the temperature has been in the high 80s with humidity no less than 70% all week.  Not a single leaf has fallen and the acorns are still on the tree. So, to make this muggy day a bit more bearable I’ve been doing some research on fall fashion and jewelry trends for 2012.  Here are three of the jewelry trends for fall…..

The Hopeless Romantic

The runway was full of soft feminine looks for fall; it’s not really what I think of when I think of fall, but it will be one of the strong trends none the less.  Fall jewelry will echo that soft look with feminine colors such as rose, cream, white, and beige.  I’ve always loved romantic vintage jewelry; the trend will be stronger than ever. Look for soft romantic curves, frilly embellishments, and muted tones.

Tribal Inspired
When I think of fall, bold dark reds, warm oranges, natural greens and vibrant purples come to mind. These colors are used beautifully in tribal inspired designs on the runway for fall 2012.  Likewise, burnished gold and silver with a tribal etchings and prints will be worn to match.  You will also see natural components used in tribal designs: wood beads, bone, shell and animal print embellishments will be part of the trend.

The Flower Child

It is predicted that 70s vintage jewelry will make a huge comeback. If I had only known….I had a jewelry box full of Mod chunky jewelry.  Expect to see collar necklaces of soft muted precious metals such as gold and silver; they are reminiscent of the chokers that were so popular. The 70s fascination with all things Native American created a trend for chunky turquoise jewelry set into silver. Then and now, delicacy is not the aim here, the chunkier the better! The anti-consumerism of the hippie society also meant that handmade jewelry was the trend--leather bands or braids worn as bracelets, and handmade bead necklaces will be on trend this fall.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...Happy Fall!

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  1. Love those tribal earrings...and definitely yearning for fall right along with you!

    1. Hi Stacie, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I like the earrings too. The Etsy shop seller has so many wonderful pieces in her collection. I love her designs.

  2. I, too, can't wait for Fall. It's my favorite season :) Currently, I have my windows open because it's a gorgeous 60 degrees!

    I particularly like the second and third trend-they're definitely me ^.^

    1. The "flower Child" trend was surprising to me. I wish a would have held onto my love beads. ;)

  3. Four lovely jewelry trends. I like the tribal inspired jewelry for all the warm colors and textures.
    Everyday Inspired