Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cleaning the closet - It should be easy...

Summer is almost over (yippee). I love all things fall, but this means that it’s time to rearrange the closet… summer clothes squashed in the back, autumn and winter clothes up front.  A recent quote from Martha: “What better time than now to clean out the closet?” Honestly, I can think of a dozen reasons why this isn’t the right time to clean out the closet(s), but alas…it needs to be done.

 I realize that almost no one enjoys cleaning the closet, except maybe my husband. His closet looks like it is ready for the ClosetMaid fall catalog shoot. Every hanger evenly spaced, clothes grouped by color and style, shelves filled with flawlessly folded items. We can never ever share a closet; just peeking in my closet makes my sweetie twitchy. A top priority for this and all future homes: “His and Hers” closets.
"Keep, Donate, or Toss Sorting Bags" This came from Costco, found on Pinterest.
Having watched countless organization segments on HGTV, I know what to do and efficient ways to do it. You know the routine: keep, donate, and toss bins; matching hangers; proper shelving; a place for everything and everything in its...blah, blah, blah….. we get it! I just don’t love doing it.


The Perfect Coat, Pantry, and Linen Closets, Found on Pinterest
 It should be easy, but it’s not – it’s an ordeal. Too many difficult decisions!
While cleaning, my brain talks to me, it says things like: “You should lose weight”; “this was so expensive, you can’t just give it away”; “all you need to do is cut off the remaining buttons and sew on a new set”; and the most challenging to ignore: “you wore that on your first date, (rehearsal dinner, weekend in the mountains, breakfast in Ireland) with your sweetie; how can you let that go”. And so it goes. Amazingly, I can’t remember where I left my keys, but I can remember and associate EVERY piece with an event or justified reason to keep it.

Love this Jewelry Organizer by Black Forest Cottage on Etsy
That is why I hate to clean out my closet . . . it’s a difficult struggle with myself! I’m usually known for my ability to organize things, so this should be easy... Well, would you look at the time; I think I’ve escape cleaning the closet today. I did spent a few minutes hours researching organizers today, a step in the right direction, don’t you agree.  
The pictures above are treasures found on Etsy and Pinterest. ;)

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