Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours...

So, like so many other folks out there I'm starting to think about holiday shopping. ( I know, I'm way ahead of myself again),  I'd like to do most of it on Etsy this year.  Thing is, I find Esty a bit overwhelming unless I have a particular shop or item in mind.  But there's so much great stuff lurking there!  So I thought I'd ask you seasoned Etsy shoppers: what are your favorite Etsy shops?  I'm always looking for undiscovered treasure.  I've shared a couple of my favorites below....

 Left to right; top to bottom:

  1. Amber Alexander, Dancing Bears:
  2. Tea Party Hats, Spring Lavender:
  3. Ali Bali Jewelry, Silver Bird Pendant:
  4. X Moon Bloom, Pet Hat Monster:
  5. Noble Gnome, The River Earrings:
  6. Pogo Shop, Jacob:

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