Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mother Nature Knows Best.......

These are Geode Agate Slices that I acquired on my recent trip to Colorado.  I've used them in my latest necklace designs.  As you can see, the gray, gold, bronze, purple, ruby and white tones which swirling through the Geode stones are proof of Mother Natures' unique talents as an artist - not too hurried, but outstanding workmanship. Like a lot of us artists, we never seem to make more than one of a kind - neither does she!  The center of each Geode is lined with sparkling tiny crystals which are called druzy. Druzy is formed by water droplets collecting and calcifying on the host gemstone. The result is a collection of tiny glistening crystals that reflect the light beautifully.  These enticing pendants are sure to attract attention, and speaks to the unlimited and unmatched beauties to be found on our planet.  Check out my Etsy shop for additional information about each pendant.
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