Sunday, June 20, 2010

You don't have to be the schmoozer....

If you are looking to expand your Etsy business by social networking but haven’t been seeing the results you want, keep these four principles in mind:
  1.  Networking is about making a connection with people, not making a sale on the spot.
  2.  Be your natural self.  People can smell a put-on or sales pitch a mile away.
  3.  Look for connections you can make for your new contact.  Focus on being helpful to your new contact rather than focusing on what they could possibly do for you.
  4. Prioritize following up.  Set aside time each week to periodically reach out to your contacts to see how they are doing and what you could potentially do to help them.
Networking is about building a strong network; it is not about collecting business cards or making sales. The best networking tips to remember are to be authentic, be professional, and be selfless.

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