Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stand Out in a Crowd...

How many business cards have you received in the last year and how many do you still remember? I’m learning that business cards should look professional but still have flair to them. That means not having too much going on as far as graphics while still being attractive. My business card is an extension of my work and I want to be able to market myself the right way. Here are some tips I’ve learned while researching business cards:

• Only choose the best paper for your business cards. Thicker heavier paper is better as it looks more expensive and professional.

• Use colorful printing; prices have dropped, it does not cost much more than standard two color cards.

• Use a tagline that will quickly let the person know what your product/skill is.

• Put a picture on your business card. Studies have shown that people are more likely to hold on to a Business card with a photo on it. It could be your picture, a picture of your product, or a combination of both. Picture cards get attention!

• Do not use a premade business card design called templates. The more people who use these templates, the more your card starts to look like everybody else’s. You want to have a business card that stands out, not one that gets lost in the crowd.
I’ve learned that if I want to use good business etiquette and good marketing then I need to start handing out more of my business cards. This will help me to conduct my business in a much more professional and efficient manner. There is nothing easier or more profitable than using business cards in my marketing strategy.
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