Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gem of the Gods....

Turquoise has long been one of my favorite semi-precious gems.  I wore a simple turquoise necklace for many years while in High School and College.  In every class picture I have my favorite necklace on.  To celebrate my 30 year (unbelievable) class reunion I crafted a small Turquoise collection and listed the items on Etsy.  Within hours of listing, one of the items sold and two others have had a lot of views.  It seems to be my lucky charm!
Turquoise Facts and Fancy:
Fact: Turquoise is a hydrous copper aluminum sulfate found in every color of blue, greenish blue or deep green. The rich blues are due to the abundance of copper while green turquoise has more aluminum. It has been mined from at least 6000 BC by early Egyptians. Its history also includes beautiful ornamental creations by Native Americans and Persians.

Fancy: In the Orient, a turquoise ring was worn as a protector against all things evil. The Indians of Mexico and the Southwestern United States used turquoise to guard burial sites. To the prehistoric Indian, turquoise, worn on the body or used in ceremonies, always signified the god of the sky alive in the earth.
Fact: It is found in Arizona and New Mexico, USA; Australia; Iran; Afghanistan and other places in the Middle East.

Fancy: Turquoise is believed to relax the mind and relieve mental tensions, calming the emotions and easing stress.

Caring For Your Turquoise Jewelry:
• Natural turquoise should be kept away from exposure to chemicals, cosmetics, oils, perfume, high heat and natural sunlight as these can all cause changes in its color.
• Store your turquoise jewelry separate from other pieces as it may scratch.
• Should your turquoise piece need cleaning use warm water and a soft cloth. Be sure to thoroughly dry your turquoise before storing it.
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