Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who are you?

When listing your Etsy item, descriptions don’t need to be long, but they are more attention-grabbing if you include a bit of uniqueness or a human touch. One reason buyers enjoy handmade items is because of the connection with the artist. A description that reads like a scientific list of components doesn’t create a connection. A short line or two sharing your inspiration for the piece, or perhaps what you like about it, or perhaps just a conversational tone can do a lot to add a personal feel.

Two examples of bad descriptions (in my opinion) found on Etsy:
1. Would this listing encourage you to buy a pendant from the seller? A bit too impersonal and clinical in description.
“Approx. size: 1 3/8" (35 mm) in length
the price is for the pendant pictured.

- Individually hand-crafted
- Dried and then smoothed with a sponge
- Bisque fired to about 1850 degrees F (1000 C)
- Glazed with about 3 coats of glaze
- Fired again to about to 2200 degrees F (1240 C)”

2. Would this listing encourage you to buy a bookmark from the seller? Where did the birch bark come from? Did the seller craft these? What is the size?
“Set of 3 Birch Bark bookmarks. Tied with recycled ribbon on top. One of the bookmarks has several pinecones woodburned onto it. The second one is just a plain bookmark. The third has a pack basket woodburned”

Two examples of good descriptions (in my opinion) found on Etsy:

1. This description gives a little history and a nice description of the necklace.

“In ancient times jasper was thought to drive away evil spirits. This necklace is a stunning collection of picture jasper chips, round and rectangular jasper beads, accented with matte onyx. They are circled around a gorgeous 2” picture jasper pendant. The necklace measures 21" long and closes with a Nouveau Swirl toggle of natural brass. This is a gorgeous piece that connects and grounds us to the beautiful world around us. Pair this piece with my appaloosa earrings.”

2. This description gives the item a human touch and an overall conversational tone to the listing.

“This pendant is just so cute! I hand crafted this little bird from fine silver and then gave him a beautiful little textured wing. Bigger than my other tiny birds, he measures 3.5cm (1 1/2 inches) from beak to tail and 2cm across his tummy. His wing is textured with a really delicate leaf pattern. The pattern has been oxidized to create a dark patina, which I've protected with jeweler’s lacquer. He is made from recycled silver, making him a fantastic environmentally friendly choice. He is hung from a 45cm (16 inch) sterling silver ball chain, and attached to the chain with a very plain petite sterling silver bail.”

A quick word about copying: Copying someone else’s description does not mean you will achieve the same Etsy success. Personal means a reflection of you, not other sellers. Find your own way to present your listings and a way to stand out by doing something different. Good luck and happy selling!
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