Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Hot Dogs or Baked Beans!

Franks and Beans on the grill.
Franks and Beans over the fire...not!

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in the south. Temperatures have dropped below 80 degrees and the leaves are starting to get some color. Fall weather means it’s time to plan our “Glamping” trip and suddenly all I can think about is dinner.  The highlight of any camping trip for me is the food.

Giant Family Tent? Check.  Lantern? Check.  Wool Socks? Check.  Air Mattress? Check.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Check.  Huh?

Yes, my husband and I are cheerfully called “foodie snobs” by our camping buddies because I refuse to eat hot dogs on a stick with a side of canned baked beans. There are always groans and protests when I ask for help carrying the heavy iron skillet and Dutch oven.  It’s not that our friends don’t love a good meal while enjoying the great outdoors; they just seem to lose all memory of how to cook when faced with a couple of iron pots, a campfire, and some aluminum foil.  I’ve never understood why cooking should be any different when you’re camping.

Live to Eat - Glamping Dinner
Example of Our Glamping Dinner

I’m a firm believer of the “Live to Eat” philosophy of life, and I don’t lose sight of it just because we’re camping.  There is something special about a meal prepared under the stars far away from the buzz of city life.  Everything seems to taste better outdoors and there is a natural ambiance; stars twinkle overhead, the flickering fire casts a romantic glow, and the cool fall breeze makes subtle background music as it passes through the trees. 

Glamping tablescape

Over the years we’ve learned that campfire cooking doesn’t need to be elaborate to achieve stunning results.  My favorite chef’s mantra applies to cooking over a campfire too:  good food, simply prepared, tastes good. So, while our camping buddies are debating where to go camping this fall, we’re already busy planning the menu.  And when dinner rolls around at our campsite, the groans about having to carry the ironware will be forgotten and they will no doubt appreciate having a “foodie snob” on the adventure.

Happy Glamping my Friends!

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  1. I want to go camping with you! I love food cooked over an open fire and just thinking about it is making me a little hungry. Have fun on your trip!
    Everyday Inspired