Friday, February 15, 2013

1000 Gifts - Part Seven

This is part seven of my own journey to list my 1000 gifts; blessings to be thankful for every day. 

It really does make a difference in my outlook when I realize how much splendor surrounds me on a daily basis.  There are so many things to be thankful for…all the little things that make me smile.

My mission is based on a book by Ann Voskamp titled One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I plan to complete this journey by December 3o, 2013. Should you also feel inspired to remind yourself of all the things you have been blessed with (things that make you smile every day), please join me.

And so my 1000 Gifts journey continues... 
One Thousand gifts I have been blessed with Part Seven:
161.   A warm and safe haven to go home to at night 
162.   A gift from my Grandfather via my Dad that will help with the house. 
163.   Recognizing that stairs aren't necessary and being good with that for the future.
164.   Getting help with a daunting problem that just won't go away.
165.   Finding the documents needed right where they should be in the file cabinet.
166.   Flowers from my sweetie just because...
167.   Having the means to hire someone to clean the shower.
168.   Dinner at a new restaurant right in our neighborhood.
169.   The feeling you get when the laundry is done and put away.
170.   Finding some new outfits for work; my wardrobe has been shrinking.
171.   Getting on the scale and discovering a significant drop in weight.
172.   Wearing the beautiful earrings my sweetie gave me for our anniversary.
173.   The feel of a new hair cut on the day after.
174.   Receiving many compliments on my new "look"
175.   An invitation from an old friend to see the king...Elvis is coming to town.
176.   New Years Eve spent with best friends in a large cabin in the woods.
177.   Looking at mountain cabins with my sweetie, we love to look at real estate.
178.   Having insurance to help pay medical bills.
179.   Surprising someone with the gift they've been wishing for. 
180.  Having a romantic meal with my sweetheart on Valentines Day
181.   Sweets from my Sweetie.
182.   Discovering that I like fried eggplant when prepared correctly.
183.   Valet car service when it's raining 
184.   Having a strong hand to hold when I'm walking on uneven pavement in heels.
185.   Living in the city just blocks from all our favorite places to dine.
186.   A weekend with zero plans, just time to relax
187.   Blue-ray copy of my favorite romantic comedy, what a difference Blue-ray makes.
188.   Knowing that my sweetie still loves me, because he shows it every day.
189.   Being able to support our Church's large refurbishing and expansion project
190.   Being blessed with a wonderfully inclusive church family, knowing all are welcome.
191.   Knowing that your talents are recognized by other organizations. 
192.   Finding a great group of women to network and socialize with.
193.   Getting words of encouragement from readers of my blog.
194.   Knowing 12,000+ people find me interesting on Pinterest; that's a lot of followers!
195.   Plans to travel in the near future to Charleston, SC
196.   Seeing the first daffodils of the season, a sure sign of spring here in the south.
197.   Paying off the car ahead of schedule.
198.   Having the timeline on a project extended so it can be done correctly, not quickly.
199.   Signing my sweetie up for the Single Malt Scotch tasting as a surprise.
200.   Chocolate...need I say more?
Too be continued….
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