Monday, February 25, 2013

"...There are signs everywhere to help you find your way..."
For the last three weeks I've been walking past a large sign in the lobby that reads: 


It seems like that same message has been following me no matter what path I take. It was on the side panel of a bus stop, in the newsletter from our church, it’s the underlying theme of the novel I'm reading, and it was written in chalk on the sidewalk behind our house..."Dream Big"... 

Are these signs God’s way of moving me toward my dreams and goals; by showing me the message over and over again? This constant reinforcement of the message makes me think of a movie that I saw many years ago titled: Fools Rush In. The movie wasn’t a blockbuster, but one line in the movie struck a chord with me “There are signs everywhere to help you find your way.” The movie was about knowing when to take a risk and following a dream, all you need to do is recognize the signs.

This made me ask myself a question about why I haven’t been in tune with my dreams: “Is fear holding me back from realizing my dreams?” Something my Sweetie said recently made me think about my fears. I realized that I was not living my dream because I was desperately afraid- of financial ruin, of failure, of letting people down, and the possibility of regret. This question is helping me separate the fear from the dream, and in doing so, I realize that I really do want to move forward, in spite of the fear. My husband’s question helped me identify the fears and determine whether they deserved as much power as I was giving them. I'm learning to address the fears separately and not spoil the dream. Do I still worry about those fears? Absolutely. Will I let them rule my choices anymore? No Way! I'm on the threshold of a life change.


Now a final thought on Dreaming Big....This wonderful commercial is the story of a little guy’s triumph against the odds. A little donkey who wanted to be a Clydesdale, manages to fulfill his dream. The advertisement is a testament to "Dreaming Big" and fulfilling our dreams....Enjoy!

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  1. Love this post! Go for it! I live with the fears all of the time. The older I get the easier it is though!