Saturday, July 16, 2011


Woke-up this morning wishing that we had a butler to serve breakfast-in-bed.  My husband and I went to a concert last night; we stayed out late and I'm feeling a little lazy today. Since we don't have a butler and our cat Beau hasn't mastered carrying a tray up the stairs, I went to Etsy for my breakfast.  Have I mentioned before that you can find anything on Etsy?  Take a peek at what I found.....

 Eco- Friendly Breakfast in Bed 
I love this felt breakfast set by Pixiekids Toys! The food items are all handmade out of Eco-felt by Melisa Santacroce. The Eco felt is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Melisa's husband Bill crafts the cute wood serving tray that comes with the set and their baby boy works in the 'test lab' giving all items the seal of baby fun approval.  Click below to check out the other fun items in their shop:

Eco-Friendly Breakfast In Bed Set

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