Monday, July 4, 2011

Feeling a little 'Crabby'...

Oh how I miss the slower pace of seashore towns and the quirky seafood shacks!
I just can’t explain it, but something happens when I eat near bodies of water. The beer gets better, the flip flops comfier, the jokes cornier.  Women let their hair down; men grow goatees and start dressing like Jimmy Buffett. You're likely to see me in a tie-dyed bandanna. The dog may be rocking one too. To a skeptic this might come off as outlandish behavior, but there’s nothing weird about it. Seafood shacks are the furthest thing from hipster-cool, and that’s exactly what makes them so much fun.

I’ve found that the best seafood shacks are often hard to find, especially if you’re not a local. Sometimes it seems they don’t want to be found.  Years ago my Father and I spent several hours searching for a little shack in a tiny seaside town in Florida. It had been recommended by a local surfer dude that we picked up hitch-hiking to the beach.  The adventure was well worth it; best coastal seafood I’ve ever had! Only problem, we can’t remember how we got there…a hidden gem for sure.

On this Fourth of July I long to be seated at a tiny joint on the coast, enjoying seafood and the company of long lost friends.  I think it’s time for a road trip!
Happy Fourth of July!
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1 comment:

  1. Take me to the beach any day ~ I love the laid back style!!

    xoxo Laura